Federick Kanyike, the CEO of Juno Services, talks about his role and the transition into a Group that has blockchain at its core

Juno Services, a subsidiary of the GSX Group and one of the largest fund administrators in Gibraltar, appointed Frederick Kanyike as its new CEO in June 2019. We caught up with Fred as he reflected on his first month as CEO of Juno Services.

How has your first month as CEO of Juno been? Has it been a warm welcome?

“Yes, it has been a warm welcome. It has been exciting and challenging as I have the opportunity to be part of a group that is shaping the future of the finance industry.”

Are there any new challenges you face working for Juno fund services compared to your previous work for Credit Suisse (Guernsey) Limited as Head of Client Service Management before relocating to Gibraltar?

“There are new challenges, trying to complete the integration of two businesses (Grant Thornton and Vista Fund Services Limited) and operating as part of the wider GSX Group. This represents the consolidation of three primary cultures, as we collectively drive new business and develop the Group further.”

What has been your biggest challenge in Juno?

“Presently, the biggest challenge as the CEO of Juno is firmly establishing the funds’ industry in a jurisdiction un-renowned for funds.”

How have you tried to overcome this challenge?

“An important aspect of overcoming this challenge involves leveraging other parts of GSX Group which adds value to the company, and to have new business based on existing relationships in the group.”

How has it been making the transition to a Group that has Blockchain at its core?

“It has been a hugely informative, but smooth transition so far. The learning curve is the most exciting part of advancing fund administration towards a fintech future.”

How will blockchain benefit fund administration?

“It will benefit fund administration as it will help liquidity which is a critical feature for the space. Blockchain also simplifies the compliance and regulatory aspects of the funds business (in as much as due diligence, KYC, etc). Crucially, it removes unnecessary intermediation. Therefore, the compliance side of fund administration becomes quicker and clearer compared to a conventional nominee set up.”

Where do you see Juno in 5 years?

“Hopefully in five years’ time, Juno will be one of the most recognised worldwide blockchain fund administrators. We have set the ball in motion to make this vision a reality.”

What are your thoughts on the growth of digital asset funds?

“I think the continued ascent of digital asset funds is inevitable, as the current industry is simply unsustainable. Blockchain is more advanced and reduces on-going costs.”

What would you say to someone wanting to incorporate in Gibraltar?

“I would advise prospective companies aiming to incorporate in Gibraltar to seek good legal advice and use a well-established corporate services advisor. Juno fits the bill in this regard, as a locally regulated service provider that is well-connected to the EU and the UK.”

In a few words, can you describe what’s best about Juno?

“The strength of the GSX Group lies in the performance of its subsidiaries. Similarly, the strength of Juno stems from our incredible team of professionals. We are all firmly in tune with the ambition of the GSX Group and bring enthusiasm and energy to work every day. Together, we are committed to directing the future of the finance industry.”

Juno Services, a Subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, Announces Frederick Kanyike as CEO

Kanyike Joins One of Gibraltar’s Largest Fund Administrators and Brings Nearly 20 years’ International Experience


Gibraltar – June 18, 2019 Juno Services, one of the largest fund administrators in Gibraltar and subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group, has announced the appointment of Frederick Kanyike as its new CEO. Kanyike joins following nearly 20 years’ financial experience in both developing and developed economies, working across a range of sectors including IT, oil and gas, offshore wealth management, venture capital and private equity.


Commenting on his appointment, Frederick Kanyike said: “Juno Services is a core pillar of the GSX Group. As part of the Group’s efforts to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain industry, I look forward to building on Juno Service’s successes to date, while working with an experienced and dedicated team.”


Previously, Kanyike worked for Credit Suisse (Guernsey) Limited as Head of Central Functions and Accounts for the Fiduciary business for seven years, leaving to join State Street (Guernsey) Limited as Head of Client Service Management before relocating to Gibraltar.

Juno Services is a licenced provider of fund services, fiduciary services, nominee services, corporate services, and other potential business solutions, to both traditional and blockchain companies. The company was established following the acquisition of Grant Thornton Fund Administration Limited and the business of Vista Fund Services Limited.


Nick Cowan, Managing Director of the GSX Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome Frederick Kanyike to GSX Group as CEO of Juno Services. The continuous development and growth of each of the GSX Group’s subsidiaries is what drives our ecosystem. With a stellar track record across a number of key leadership positions, Kanyike brings a wealth of experience that will power the next phase of growth for Juno Services.”


Kanyike concluded: “I look forward to joining Juno Services, an organisation with an outstanding international reputation for professional excellence and compliance, both within the industry and amongst clients. I’m excited to play a part in the exciting Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) space Gibraltar has developed since the introduction of the purpose built DLT framework in January 2018.”

For more information on Juno Services, you can visit their website: https://www.juno.gi/