Fiduciary Services…

Juno provides a full range of corporate and fiduciary services to new and established companies, from incorporation to company secretary, registered office and ongoing administration.

We are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Service Commission for the provision of corporate and trust services (see our license page for details).

Since 1999 Juno has been offering professional corporate services to a diverse client base.  We specialise in the formation and administration of companies funds and trusts for our clients. 

Juno is a fully independent firm and we work with a variety of professional advisors in servicing our clients’ needs.

Gibraltar has very competitive rates of corporate taxation and zero Capital Gains Tax.

Corporate Services

Why establish a corporate vehicle?

On their own or with other entities such as trusts, a company is a useful vehicle for operating a business or just to hold assets.  If you need a corporate vehicle then Juno are able to assist you in their establishment and subsequent administration and management wherever they are incorporated.

If you do not have staff with knowledge and time to do all your company’s administration and management then engaging Juno as your corporate service provider will free up your time for what is important to you – running your business.

It is key that the corporate administration and management of your corporate vehicle is carried out properly so that the business is not in danger of non-compliance and we can help.

We provide a range of services from incorporation to administration of corporate vehicles, be it in Gibraltar or in other jurisdictions, as through our agents we can establish companies and then have their administration undertaken by us in Gibraltar.

Company types might include:

• Private Limited companies.
• Public Limited companies.
• Companies limited by guarantee.
• International Business Companies.
• Protected cell companies.
• Collective Investment Scheme entities.
• Limited Partnerships

The corporate and administration services that Juno are able to provide may include:

• Incorporation Services.
• Provision of Corporate Director services
• Corporate secretarial services.
• Terminations or re-domiciliations.
• Accounting, tax or other reporting services.
• Annual filings as may be required by the relevant jurisdiction.

Trustee Services

Why establish a trust?

A trust as its own entity or as part of a corporate vehicle structure may be used for various purposes such as the example below:

• The protection of assets from either attack or waste for example by minors.
• Holding a business together for future generations.
• To ensure that assets are held for family members in according to the wishes of the settlor.
• Legitimate confidentiality of the ownership of assets.

Should you want more information on our corporate or trust services, (including prices), please contact us:

Email: or call: +350 2005 8888