Fund Accounting

To Provide fund accounting services on a multi-currency format (as and when required) and to maintain principle books and records and calculate net asset values for funds under administration. To calculate and arrange for the disbursement of the management fees, performance fees, administration fees, directors fees and other such fees, costs and expenses in accordance with the funds respective private placement memorandum and other such agreements as entered into by the respective funds. To calculate and publish the net asset value as directed by the memorandum and articles of association, prospectuses, or as otherwise directed by the fund directors, investment manager or agents. After preperation, the net asset value, on a monthly basis, or otherwise as instructed, would be communicated to the investors, directors, investment manager and other such persons as instructed and agreed.

Registrar, Transfer Agency and Client Services

To account for the receipt and arrange for the distribution of monies, and process and record in the share register, details of fund subscriptions, exchange/transfer and redemptions in connection with funds under administration as and when recieved, and communicate the same with fund investors as and when required. To maintain a register of holders of shares in funds under administration and subject to all applicable laws and necessary consent or approvals, hold the register open for inspection at the office of the fund adminstrator during usual business hours. To establish banking and/or custodian relations for the funds under administration and to account for the receipt of monies invested and monies that may be returned to shareholders redeeming shares.

Financial Accounting

To arrange for the preparation of the annual financial statements of the respective funds using International Financial Reporting Standards or any other such reporting standards that the fund may require. To appoint, correspond and deal with, on a day-to-day basis, the auditors of the funds under administration.


To review, monitor and ensure continued compliance with applicable legislation for funds under administration and to ensure that only fit and proper persons, corporations and other legal entities are permitted to form, maintain and/or invest in funds under administration in order to protect the integrity of the fund(s) under administration and Gibraltar’s fund sector.

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