Juno Solutions

Juno Solutions will work in partnership with you and your advisors to provide the complete project management solution to help you get your fund up and running. This includes:

  • Determine with you the appropriate structure for the fund.
  • Depending on your particular needs, we can help with determining the right domicile for your fund; the right type of fund, such as a Private Fund, Experienced Investor Fund, or Retail Fund; the right vehicle for your fund, such as a corporate, trust or partnership form and whether it should be either a single fund, feeder/master fund, or a multi cell structure.
  • Assist you in the selection of other required fund counterparties.
  • We can assist you with introductions for your fund, and arrange for service estimates from various providers, such as fund lawyers, depositories, banks, auditors and independent fund directors.
  • Either working with your legal advisors where required, or directly with you, we can draft and prepare the relevant offering document for your fund. We will also provide the draft agreements for administration and director services.
  • Open the fund bank account and any broker trading accounts that may be needed for the smooth operation of the fund, including providing local authorised signatories for Gibraltar accounts.
  • Provide the liaison with the Regulator and other counter-parties and submit all necessary documentation in the required timescales in relation to the fund’s launch.
  • For Gibraltar based funds, through our sister company, Juno Fiduciary Services, we can also arrange for the necessary Gibraltar company incorporations and provide ongoing company management services and support, including arranging and holding the Board meeting to approve the fund launch.

If you want to make changes to your Fund following the launch e.g. a new cell or new share class, then Juno Solutions will be your point of contact.